Rachel Carson College

Environment and Society

Rachel Carson College’s theme, Environment and Society, embodies the college’s concern for environmental issues within a social, political, scientific, and humanistic context.

Academic Requirements

The college’s core course focuses on California, deepening students’ understanding of the vital connections between contemporary social systems and environmental change through lectures, films, readings, writing classes and research, and enabling students to develop reading and writing skills in a seminar format.

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Rachel Carson College, enriched by its diversity, is an inclusive community that emphasizes the importance of individual academic success. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives bring together students, staff, and faculty to develop high-quality educational and celebratory events.
  • Independent undergraduate research and community service are encouraged, and the student garden offers a quarterly internship for academic credit.
  • The faculty, representing a broad spectrum of majors and academic interests, encourages students to become involved with the complex problems of contemporary society.
  • A wide variety of co-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to connect their academic work with other interests. Each fall quarter Rachel Carson College students participate in the Sustainability Projects, allowing students to have a firsthand experience in farming and agriculture or habitat restoration
  • Housing themes at Rachel Carson College include ABC Housing (see themes link for details), and Women in Science, Engineering & Math

Housing and Dining

  • Residence halls are arranged in four quads, each with two buildings. Students are housed in single, double, triple and quad rooms.
  • The apartments are reserved for continuing and upper-division students.
  • A dining hall and cafe are located at this college.

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