What to Bring

What’s in a Room

Student rooms are furnished. Each student is provided with the following:

  • Extra-long twin bed and mattress (39"x80")
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Bookshelf
  • Clothing storage (closet/dresser or wardrobe unit)
  • 1-2 trash and recycling cans - shared with roommates

What to Bring

Recommended items for all students:

  • Bedding: extra-long twin sheets (39”x80”), blankets, pillows, pillow cases
  • Bath: towels, bathrobe, shower caddy, shower shoes
  • Decorations
  • Emergency kit
  • Face masks, hand sanitizer, thermometer
  • Hangers
  • Headphones, ear plugs
  • Lamp/Desk light, light bulbs–compact fluorescent bulbs or LED, no halogen
  • Laundry items: basket, detergent
  • Computer and lock
  • Personal and school supplies
  • Power strip with surge protection
  • Rain gear, umbrella
  • Reusable water bottle, travel mug, plate, bowl, cup, and flatware

It is okay to have a mini-fridge and/or microwave. Coordinate with your roommate(s) to make sure there is only one of each appliance in the room (fall roommate assignments are available in late August). This will save you time, energy, and money, and will help you make the best use of space in your room!

Rent a MicroFridge mini-fridge and microwave combo from CollegeFridge.com/ucsc and it will be in your room when you move in.


Energy Star logoWhen it comes to electrical appliances,
consider energy efficient products

Students in Apartments
(coordinate with housemates to avoid duplications)

Group of items that may be nice to bring
  • Dishes, flatware, dish towels
  • Coffee maker and/or Electric Kettle
  • Pots and pans, cooking utensils
  • Toaster (for apartment kitchens only; not allowed in other rooms)
  • Toilet tissue

Optional items

  • Bike, helmet, light, and lock
  • Cleaning/disinfecting supplies
  • Games or sports equipment

What NOT to Bring

  • Air conditioning units (window/portable) and space heaters
  • Alcohol or other drugs and paraphernalia, including medical marijuana
  • Amplified instruments or drum sets
  • BBQ grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane
  • Candles, lanterns, incense or incense-like materials, smoking devices, or other fire hazardous items
  • Cooking equipment with exposed heating elements (e.g. hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, etc.). These are NOT allowed in residence halls or other areas not intended for cooking.
  • Disposable/single-use water bottles (invest in a refillable water container instead)
  • Extension cords (without an internal circuit breaker)
  • Firearms, knives, other weapons, and ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Halogen lamps or lava lamps
  • Paintball guns, airguns, BB guns
  • Pets (except fish, in up to 10-gallon tank)
  • Second-hand furniture
  • Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, or hoverboards

Slug Support


Slug support case managers are available to assist students facing a wide variety of issues. 

When to reach out to Slug Support:

  • If a student needs support with basic needs such as homelessness, food, financial support or getting connected to campus resources
  • There is concern about a student’s ability to adjust to the college environment
  • Have questions about support networks and organizations here on UCSC Campus
  • Student may not be in crisis, but would benefit from additional support and resources


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