• Visit the Housing Portal to view your room assignment and roommate/housemate information.
  • Students received move-in instructions on August 31. Check your UCSC email to select your Move-In appointment time for your college/community Move-In days.

Fall 2022 Move-In Schedule

  • Frosh: September 15–17 | 8am–4pm 
  • Transfer Students: September 17–18 | 8am–4pm
  • Continuing Students: September 19–21 | 9am–4pm

Students who meet the eligibility criteria to move into their fall housing assignment before the scheduled move-in date for their college or residential facility may request an early arrival. See Early Arrival Program for eligibility and request process.

College/Community Move-In Schedule

College Nine / John R. Lewis College / International Living Center

  • New frosh - Thursday, September 15
  • New transfer students - Thursday, September 15

Porter College / Kresge College / Redwood Grove

  • New frosh - Thursday, September 15
  • New frosh - Friday, September 16
  • New transfer students - Saturday, September 17
  • New transfer students - Sunday, September 18

Oakes College / Rachel Carson College

  • New frosh - Thursday, September 15
  • New frosh - Friday, September 16
  • New transfer students - Sunday, September 18

Cowell College / Stevenson College

  • New frosh - Friday, September 16
  • New frosh - Saturday, September 17
  • New transfer students - Sunday, September 18

Crown College / Merrill College

  • New frosh - Friday, September 16
  • New frosh - Saturday, September 17
  • New transfer students - Sunday, September 18

UTC / Camper Park / The Village

  • All students - Saturday, September 17
  • All students - Sunday, September 18

Please note, move-in is not by college affiliation, but by your housing assignment.

Continuing Students

  • All colleges/communities - September 19–21

Before Arriving on Campus

You are required to complete an at-home rapid antigen test 24 hours before traveling to the campus. Please do not come to campus if you test positive or are symptomatic. Instead, follow these instructions from UCSC Student Health Services. Please contact your Housing Coordinator to reschedule your move-in appointment. Once you’ve completed your at-home rapid antigen test be sure to Report your COVID-19 pre-arrival test results here »

Important note: Per the CDC, people can continue to test positive for up to 3 months after diagnosis and not be infectious to others. For this reason, you will be given a temporary exemption from mandatory testing that exempts you from COVID testing for 3 months after your positive test. However, if you develop new symptoms of COVID-19 during this 3 month period, please contact your healthcare provider.

If you have tested positive in the previous 3 months and took an off-campus PCR or rapid antigen test, you will need to notify Student Health Services via Health e-Messenger > Messages > New Message > COVID-19 Questions and COVID-19 vaccine requirements with the type of test and date.

When Arriving on Campus

  • You will be provided a PCR test kit upon arrival with instructions on how to complete a test. This is required for all students and must be completed within 7 days of arrival.
    • This is a required PCR test that we need to have on file for each student. It’s super easy, and no appointment is needed!
  • Masking is required in clinical settings, such as Student Health Services and at indoor COVID-19 testing sites. In other indoor spaces, such as classrooms, dining facilities, and on campus public transportation, masking is strongly recommended.

COVID-19/MPX (Monkeypox) Guidelines

We work closely with campus health and wellness experts and create guidelines that support the health and well-being of our community members. Please see the UCSC Health Center website for up to date information about COVID-19 and MPX (Monkeypox).

Move-in Check-in Information

Once you arrive on campus at your scheduled check-in time, please make your way to your affiliated college/community housing office to check in. You must arrive at the time you selected as limiting the number of people on campus at any given time is essential to traffic mitigation efforts. If you have not yet selected your check-in time, please do so immediately. 

Staging locations will not be utilized Monday, September 19–Wednesday, September 21. Please check in at your affiliated college/community housing office.

Receiving Your Key(s)

New residents will receive student IDs with their keys but to do so, you will need to have your student ID number and another form of photo identification. Note: 

Note: Your student ID will only be available if you submitted a photo in advance; if you have not submitted a photo, follow these instructions and do so immediately. Please refer to the UCSC Move-In site for additional information, including information about parking, what to bring, what to leave behind, and other move-in tips.

Continuing students, to receive your key(s), you will need to present either your student ID or another form of photo identification and your student ID number to receive your keys.

Move-in Parking

Valid parking permits are required in lots or spaces not specifically designated for move-in operations during posted enforcement hours. If you are planning on remaining on campus after your student moves in, it is recommended that you have an active account on ParkMobile prior to your arrival to better facilitate your parking needs. Please visit Transportation & Parking Services for more information on permit requirements, purchasing permits, and the use of metered parking, pay stations, and the ParkMobile app.

Vehicle Policy: Due to extremely limited parking, students and their guests are limited to 1 vehicle per resident. Please arrive with your guests at your assigned check-in location at your scheduled move-in time. Large vehicles (> 19’1”x 6'3" x 6'1"), RVs, cargo, or utility trailers are not permitted at Move-In 2022.


UC Santa Cruz is deeply committed to sustainability and is striving to both reduce the amount of waste we generate and divert waste to compost and recycle bins instead of landfill. For Move-in 2022, we're providing guidance to help guests support our zero waste goals, check out our Zero Waste Initiatives page to sort your waste properly and find a tip sheet for a zero waste move in.

Tips for a Zero Waste Move-in

What to Bring, and What NOT to Bring to College

As you prepare to come to UCSC, you may be wondering what you should pack. Our "What To Bring" page includes a handy list of items you may want to consider bringing. The list doesn't contain basics, like clothes, but does have things you might forget to pack. There's also a list of things you shouldn't bring, including fire hazards like candles and noisy items like drum sets. Be sure to check it out.

Important Technology Considerations

In order to make the most of your educational and personal entertainment needs when using the campus’s network, there are several important details to consider.

  • Important: If you plan to bring a desktop computer it must have a Wi-Fi adapter installed. The current recommended specs for your PCIe or USB Wi-Fi adapter are for it to support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
  • Cable television is available to residents via Xfinity on Campus. If you plan to use a television set, a Roku or Fire TV is required. Chromecasts are not supported.
  • UCSC uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA, also known as two-step or 2-factor authentication, adds a second layer of protection to your UCSC account in addition to your username and password. MFA requires a device in addition to your primary computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Student rooms do not have access to the internet via Ethernet ports*. All internet access is wireless. More information about getting connected ». An Ethernet port may be present in some student rooms but these are not activated. *Some residence halls at Merrill, Crown, Kresge, and University Town Center have ethernet service. See wired ResNet information page for details.
  • Wireless routers are not allowed in upgraded ResWiFi locations.
  • If you plan to bring a printer to campus, you can print wirelessly using Wi-Fi Direct or by connecting a USB cable. Standard wireless printers are incompatible with campus wireless networks.
  • ResWiFi doesn’t guarantee support for certain smart devices such as Chromecasts or Sonos speakers. Gaming consoles and streaming devices can be self enrolled. Visit the Getting Connected page to learn more.

For more information regarding device compatibility as well as for instructions on how to get help, please call, email, or open a ticket with the ResNet office.

Dining Meal Service

UCSC Dining locations will be open during move-in and welcome week. More information is available at

Other Dining Options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where does my student check in?

I tested positive for COVID before move-in. What should I do?

Is there a deadline to sign up for a move-in time? Can I still sign-up for a specific arrival time?

Can I make any changes to my move-in time?

Contact Us

  • For general questions about move-in, sequestering, or COVID-19 testing, contact College Student Life Operations:
  • For questions about your room assignment and your college/community, contact your Housing Coordinator.
  • For questions about your housing bill or your housing application, contact the Campus Housing Office.

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