Early Arrival Program

The Early Arrival Program allows eligible students to move into their fall housing assignment before the scheduled move-in date for their college or community. Students assigned to fall housing who meet one or more of the following criteria may request an early arrival.

  • You are living in summer university housing at the end of the summer and need to move directly into your fall assignment.
  • Your campus employer requires you to start working prior to your scheduled move-in date.
  • You are participating in a training or orientation program with a UCSC program, department, or college prior to your scheduled move-in date.
  • You have a disability-related need to occupy your assigned housing space prior to your scheduled move-in date.
  • Your scheduled move-in date occurs on or during a religious holiday. Please note: the academic calendars and move in structure have been developed to avoid scheduling conflicts with major religious holidays. For more information please see the UC Policy for Addressing Religious Holiday Conflicts with Residence Hall "Move-In" Days (PDF).
  • Other exceptional needs may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the review of a student’s housing community.


Request Process:

  • Eligible students (based on the above criteria) may submit an early arrival request through the Housing Portal.
  • Requests will be accepted Tuesday, August 20 through Monday, September 16 and are subject to the review and approval of the student’s residential community. Students will be notified at their UCSC email once a decision has been made regarding their early arrival request.
  • If the student’s request is approved they are expected to adhere to all move-in instructions and all recommended and required actions for all campus residents.
  • If a student is no longer in need of an early arrival it is the responsibility of the student to withdraw their early arrival request via the Housing Portal prior to their approved early arrival date. Unless withdrawn, the student will be financially responsible for any approved early arrival regardless of whether the student takes residence during the early arrival period.

Early Arrival Options: 

Early Arrival Options


Rate (per student)

Summer to Fall Housing

Students living in Summer Session 10-week, Session 2, or Summer Edge Housing who extend their summer housing contracts to include the transitional housing period are automatically signed up for the Early Arrival Program. 

Students living in Summer Alternative, Employee, or Renaissance Scholar Housing can request to move to a fall residence as an early arrival, if interested.

Wednesday, September 4, 2024 at 8 a.m.

Note: This early arrival date is only available to students moving from summer to fall housing.



Six-Day Program

Friday, September 13, 2024

Arrive between 10 a.m.–noon or 1–4 p.m.


Three-Day Program

Monday, September 16, 2024

Arrive between 10 a.m.–noon or 1–4 p.m.


One-Day Program

Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Arrive between 10 a.m.–noon or 1–4 p.m.


Note: A dining plan is not included during the early arrival period, and campus dining locations have limited hours and menus. Visit the dining website for details on campus eateries and additional options.