Move-Out Date:

Friday, June 15, 2018: Residences close 12 noon, dining service ends with brunch (Note: Students may be asked to move out on an earlier date if all spring quarter finals are completed.)

Did you rent a MicroFridge? Return/pick-up instructions (PDF)

Students who have a valid need to remain in residence the weekend following finals may request a contract extension through Student Housing Online. Whether you're participating in commencement activities, working on-campus, or waiting to catch your international/out-of-state flight, you'll need to submit an extension request to stay in residence after the quarter ends. Requests are subject to the review and approval of the student’s college/residential facility.

It is Never Too Early to Prepare for Move-out: 



  • Take "stuff" home early - use long weekends to take items home
  • Swap with friends
  • Recycle it right - if you recycle early you can get it done before the bins overflow during finals week
  • Don’t want to take that extra box of stuff home when you move out in June? Donate it instead
  • Donate unwanted but usable items during finals week: look for more information about where and when to donate in Spring 2018
    • Acceptable items include: clothes, household items, small furniture, unopened food, working and labeled electronics, and unopened toiletries.
    • Unacceptable items: torn or dirty items, mirrors or anything glass, anything from the refrigerator or freezer, cleaning products, bed pillows.
  • Take the rest home - don't leave your personal items behind
  • For a slightly longer list of tips, check out: 10 Tips for a Smooth Move Out (PDF)
  • Did you rent a MicroFridge? Return policy and pick up location (PDF)

Donation stations will be available from June 8th through the end of finals week (June 14th).