Billing and Payment

Each student has a university billing account with UC Santa Cruz and a billing statement is generated each month there are charges due on your account. View your billing statement and account activity online through the Student Portal ( If your parent/guardian will be paying your housing charges, you can grant them access to your billing statements and give them the ability to make payments.

Housing Billing Options

The housing application offers two billing options for your housing charges, quarterly or monthly. Check the “Quarterly” billing option if you prefer to pay your fees in one sum at the beginning of each quarter. Check the “Monthly” billing option to have your quarterly housing charges divided into monthly installments.

Personalized Payment Plans

Students who would like to request a personalized payment plan to meet their individual needs, such as employment pay schedule, etc., should contact the Campus Housing Office before the payment due date to make arrangements.

Avoid Late Fees

It is your responsibility to keep the Campus Housing Office informed of any payment delays—no matter what the source of funds (financial aid, outside scholarship, personal funds, etc.). A deferment, without a late fee, may be approved if you contact us BEFORE the payment due date. Late fees are assessed if payment is not in your university billing account by the established due dates. Each housing late fee is $25.

Financial Aid Recipients

If you receive financial aid, most aid awards will credit directly to your university billing account once you have met all the conditions for aid disbursement. These awards are applied to your tuition and registration fees first, and any remaining awards are applied to your university housing and dining charges. Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at (831) 459-2963 with any questions regarding conditions for aid disbursement.

Release of Billing Information

The disclosure of information from student records is governed by federal law (FERPA), and is intended to protect the student's right to privacy. Information regarding a student's housing/dining charges cannot be discussed or released to any third party, including a parent or legal guardian, without the student's consent. If you would like to authorize another person to discuss your housing/dining charges with the Campus Housing Office, please complete the Release of Information (ROI) authorization process available through Student Housing Online.

Payment Schedule and Due Dates 2017-18

1) Quarterly Billing Option 2) Monthly Billing Option
Fall Quarter: September 21, 2017 Fall Quarter: September 21, October 18, November 14, 2017

Winter Quarter: December 19, 2017

Winter Quarter: December 19, 2017, January 23, February 13, 2018
Spring Quarter: March 27, 2018 Spring Quarter: March 27, April 19, May 17, 2018

Payment Schedule and Due Dates 2018-19

1) Quarterly Billing Option 2) Monthly Billing Option
Fall Quarter: September 20, 2018 Fall Quarter: September 20, October 17, November 14, 2018

Winter Quarter: December 18, 2018

Winter Quarter: December 18 2018, January 23, February 13, 2019
Spring Quarter: March 26, 2019 Spring Quarter: March 26, April 17, May 15, 2019

Due dates subject to change.

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