Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How am I assigned to a UCSC college?

How do I request university housing?

What housing options are available to me?

Can I see virtual tours of rooms?

Can I see sample floor plans?

When will I hear about my room assignment?


Living in Campus Housing

What are the move-in dates?

Will I have to move out between quarters?

What’s included in my room?

Can I decorate my room?

How do I secure my "stuff" in my room?

Should I get Renter's Insurance?

Can I cook in my room?

Are all the residential facilities smoke-free?

Can I burn candles (incense or sage) in my room?

Are pets allowed?

Can I bring my guitar (drums, etc.) to campus?

How do I get my mail and what will my address be?

Can I have overnight guests?

Should I bring my bike?

Can I bring my skateboard and in-line skates?


Meal Plans

What meal plan options are available?


Services and Resources for Residents

Do the rooms have internet access?

Do the rooms have phone service?

Will my cell phone work on campus?

Who do I contact if I have a maintenance issue?

Are laundry facilities available?

Are there ATMs on campus?

What about campus safety and security?

How do I get around on campus?

Can I purchase a campus parking permit?