Living Sustainably at UC Santa Cruz

The list below includes some choices every student can make to live sustainably at UCSC:

  • Choose energy efficient appliancesBring only energy efficient electrical appliances to campus. Use energy saving mode on computers.
  • Pack smart for collegeCoordinate the sharing of any appliances (mini-fridge, microwave, printer, etc.) with your roommates.
  • Remember to recycleRemove and recycle all packaging material at home (for printers, computers, etc.) prior to coming to campus. When recycling on campus, follow the instructions at the nearest recycling station regarding separating paper, recyclable containers, and cardboard.
  • Pack in reusable containersAvoid waste by bringing your belongings in a reusable storage container. Items that you don't immediately need can be stored in these containers (often under one of the beds).
  • Bring reusable hand towelsBring reusable hand towels. Residence hall and apartment bathrooms do not have paper towels.
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbsPurchase energy efficient light bulbs, and don’t forget to turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Decorate with house plantsConsider bringing a houseplant (or two). They clean the air.
  • Use reusable water bottlesCarry a reusable water bottle and refill it at the numerous water bottle filling stations around campus. Please do not bring single-use plastic water bottles to campus; they go against UCSC's environmental sustainability ethos.