Cowell College

The Pursuit of Truth in the Company of Friends

Cowell College is the founding college of UC Santa Cruz. Its motto, The Pursuit of Truth in the Company of Friends, represents its twin commitments to academic endeavor and supportive community.

Academic Requirements

The Cowell College core course, Imagining Justice, focuses on critical reading and analytical writing based on a syllabus of classic and modern texts dealing with issues of justice. Readings vary each year but always stress cross-cultural perspectives and human values on broad humanistic themes.

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

  • An active college senate allocates funding for student programs and provides important student feedback to the college administration
  • The Cowell College art galleries offer paid internships for students to assist with the exhibitions
  • Upper-division students are encouraged to apply for grants for research and creative projects
  • Co-curricular programming in the residence halls builds and expands on the social justice themes of the core course
  • Foreign language study has a distinct presence at Cowell College
  • The Cowell Press offers courses in book arts for students interested in the traditional craft of printing and book-making

Housing and Dining
  • Cowell College student housing includes residence halls and apartments
  • A dining hall facility is located at the college

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