Kresge College

Power and Representation

Kresge Colleges theme, Power and Representation, explores the many ways we constitute ourselves as individuals in relation to communities, focusing on representations of class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and race.

Academic Requirements

Kresge's core course, Power and Representation, is a course in the literature of individual and collective struggles for social justice, with an emphasis on dialogues about gender identity, anti-racism movements, documentation status and immigrants' rights. The common theme among our texts is a tension between how we, as individuals and communities, are seen, heard, and understood by others, and the way we understand, present, and perform ourselves. The course concludes with contemporary texts about productive individual and social action, toward solutions to problems of power and representation in society.

Kresge Renewal Project

An ambitious renovation project is underway at Kresge College that will bring beautiful new academic and residential buildings. Students living at Kresge during the 2023-24 academic year will encounter construction related disruptions, including noise, traffic detours, and the like. We’re looking forward to the wonderful improvements this exciting project will bring to the college; please bear with us during the construction phase. Find out more at

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Kresge is home to The Writing Center and Writers House.
  • Ecovillage living/learning community brings together first-year students who want to create a new world based on cooperation, justice, and sustainable living.
  • Housing options include Mixed-Gender, Single-Gender, and Ecovillage.
  • Kresge’s Common Ground Center promotes social and environmental change through undergraduate action-education.
  • Students shape their community through Transformative Action, Service Learning classes, and Student Parliament.
  • Kresge Garden is the site of our organic garden and food systems classes.

Housing and Dining

  • Kresge's residential buildings include new residence halls, which include triple rooms and a limited number of single rooms. Most new students are assigned to triple rooms.
  • A dining hall is nearby.
  • A cafe is nearby.

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