Students with Disabilities

Disability Related Housing Accommodation

Housing accommodations are provided for eligible students whose disabilities substantially impact their ability to live in the standard housing environment. Students may request a housing accommodation to modify the existing living environment (e.g. an accessible room, debunked bed, visual fire alarm, etc.). An accommodation request does not constitute a guarantee of university housing.

Request Process

To request a housing accommodation, you must complete the online housing application process and submit an accommodation request through the UCSC Disability Resource Center by the deadline (see below). While late requests will be accepted, all requests are subject to the availability of housing.

1.  Complete the Housing Application Process

New Students: The Campus Housing Office sends (via UCSC email) housing information to new students who have accepted the offer of admission and indicated a preference for university housing. The information includes instructions and a deadline for completing the online housing application at

Continuing Students: Students interested in university housing beginning in fall should submit a housing application at during the annual Continuing Student Housing Application Period. Applications are accepted in November for university housing beginning in winter quarter, and in February for housing beginning in spring quarter. Summer housing applications are accepted beginning in May.

2.  Submit a Disability Housing Accommodation Request form

Fill out a Housing Accommodation Request form with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and provide all necessary supporting documentation. The DRC will not be able to process your accommodation request unless you have met the criteria for medical/mental health documentation. For more information, please visit the DRC website.

NOTE: A DRC Housing Accommodation Request form needs to be submitted for each academic year/summer session that you are applying to live in university housing.

Service and Support Animals

If you have a disability that requires the use of a Service or Support Animal and you plan to live in university housing, you will need to read the UC Santa Cruz Service and Support Animal Policy and follow the process to have a Service or Support Animal in residence. Service or support animals may not reside in university housing without prior registration.

Dining Hall Accommodation

UC Santa Cruz is committed to access and inclusion in its campus programs and services. Dining Services works in close partnership with students and the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to ensure equal access to UC Santa Cruz Dining facilities. Students with medical and/or disability-related concerns regarding food and dining access are encouraged to meet with a dining hall manager. Dining hall managers are knowledgeable about the food options available and can recommend which foods will work with specific diets.

Students whose food access needs are not met by dining hall managers are encouraged to meet with Breanna Van Otterloo, Dining's Food Safety and Nutrition Specialist. Breanna works with students to discuss their specific needs and determine how to best address the concerns. Accommodations to dining services may require collaboration between the student, dining staff, and the Disability Resource Center, and documentation from a qualified professional to be considered.

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