Billing Practice for Disability-Related Room Accommodations

When a student is recommended for a room accommodation by the Disability Resource Center (DRC) 
and assigned to a room in university housing that corresponds to the accommodation request, billing for the room is as follows:

  • Single room accommodation: A student with a DRC-verified need for a private room is charged a weighted-average room rate based on all room types available in single-student residence halls, apartments, and other housing facilities (excluding Graduate Student Housing, Family Student Housing, and the Camper Park).
  • Double room accommodation: A student with a DRC-verified need for a double room is charged a weighted-average room rate based on all triple room types available in single-student housing.

All room accommodations:

The benefit of the weighted-average methodology is that room rates are uniformly applied for all room accommodations in single-student housing. The weighted-average rates are determined annually and are made available to students prior to any housing space being selected or assigned, thereby offering students the ability to plan and budget according to the accommodation room costs (in addition to any meal plan charge).

The student is charged the appropriate weighted-average room rate based on the date the Disability Resource Center sends the approved accommodation to Student Housing Services, and when the student is assigned to a room that corresponds to the room accommodation request. In situations in which the student already resides in the room for which they later receive a DRC accommodation, use of the weighted-average accommodation rate is not retroactive to the date in which the student first assumed occupancy of the room.

Each student is also charged for a meal plan (if applicable) based on the student’s preference(s) and the requirements of the assigned housing facility.

2022-23 Standard Room Rates and Accommodation Room Rates

Room Type Standard Room Rate (academic year rate) Accommodation Room Rate (academic year rate) Difference (academic year)

Apartment Single Room




Residence Hall Single Room




Apartment Double Room




Residence Hall Double Room




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