Porter College

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis: Life is Short, Art Endures

Porter College’s theme, Ars Longa, Vita Brevis: Life is Short, Art Endures, manifests our belief that creativity is integral to all fields of study from art to physics to linguistics, and promotes an environment in which original thought, creative imagination, and personal and cultural differences are appreciated.

Academic Requirements

The Porter core course, Writing Across the Arts, addresses social, political, and aesthetic issues raised by selected works of literature and art in a variety of media. Core course instructors and instructional assistants (upper-division students) work with freshmen in small groups to develop their skills in writing, verbal presentation, and critical reading and analysis.

Video taken prior to COVID-19.
UCSC is following all CDC guidelines.

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Porter College is a diverse and inclusive community emphasizing individual and collaborative creativity in all aspects of education. Several funding sources are available for Porter student projects through Creative and Innovative Grants, Porter Senate Grants, Porter College Undergraduate Fellowships, Porter Research Fellowships, and the Hitchcock Poetry Fund.
  • Residential housing options include Gaming Community, LGBTQIA+, Substance-Free, Mixed Gender, and Single Gender.
  • The Transfer Community, located at Porter College, houses incoming transfer students who request university housing (regardless of college affiliation), with programs designed specifically to support transfer students as they adjust to university life.
  • Student organizations include the Porter Senate and Queer Fashion Show.
  • The computer lab specializes in digital media, filmmaking, and computer music.
  • The JB Hall Gallery and Bridge Gallery are available for all students to exhibit their artwork.

Housing and Dining

  • Porter College student housing includes residence halls and apartments.
  • A dining hall and cafe are located at the college.

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