Crown College

Science, Technology, and Society

Crown College’s theme, Science, Technology, and Society, explores the relationship of science and technology with the world around us, including both the positive and negative impacts of technology on our environment and social institutions.

Academic Requirements

Crown’s core course, Ethical Issues in Emerging Technologies, presents several rapidly growing technologies, shows where those technologies are taking us, and provides reasoning skills to help evaluate the consequences to individuals and societies. Students focus on developing strategies that can guide them in making public policy decisions and personal decisions concerning these technologies. The course typically includes units on ethical issues arising from biotechnology, information technology, and artificial intelligence.

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Research Fellowships introduce juniors and seniors to research at the university and encourage student-faculty interaction.
  • Students engage in educational, cultural, and social activities sponsored by the Student Life staff.
  • The Outdoor Pursuits and Sustainability Community and Gaming residential programs encourage students to interact with faculty, staff, and peers.
  • Leadership opportunities abound at Crown. Students can join Crown Student Senate, volunteer to be an Orientation Leader, work in a variety of jobs, or simply take one of our Leadership classes. Crown offers students the opportunity to capitalize on their experiences and earn a Leadership Development Certificate during their time here.

Housing and Dining

  • Crown College housing includes residence halls and apartments.
  • A dining hall and cafe are located at the college.

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