College Assignment Appeals for New UCSC Students

College Assignment Appeals for New UCSC Students

We're excited that you've chosen to attend UC Santa Cruz. We're sure you'll find that our campus, including our college system, is truly unique in all that it offers undergraduate students.

If you have been assigned to a college that was not your first preference, we encourage you to take some time to read about your college and learn what it has to offer. Once you get to know your college we're sure that you will agree with most UC Santa Cruz students when they say that their college is "the best."

Your college staff welcome your questions and will help you get to know your college. Feel free to contact them directly:

Associate Directors, College Student Life

Community Name Phone Email
Cowell College Richard Baker (831) 459-3599
Stevenson College Richard Baker (831) 459-3599
Crown College Julie Phillips (831) 459-5689
Merrill College Julie Phillips (831) 459-5689
Porter College Kathy Cooney (831) 459-5255
Kresge College Kathy Cooney (831) 459-5255
Oakes College Mari Ortiz-McGuire (831) 459-2796
Rachel Carson College Mari Ortiz-McGuire (831) 459-2796
College Nine Lenora Willis (831) 459-3797
College Ten Lenora Willis (831) 459-3797


Appeal Process:

While we don't expect to grant many appeals, should you choose to submit an appeal, please follow these directions:

  1. Submit your housing application for your assigned college by the deadline listed in the housing information you received.
    • New Freshmen/Visiting Students: If your appeal is approved we will send you housing application instructions for your new college. If your appeal is not approved, your original application will be used to proceed with your housing assignment.
    • New Transfers: Approved appeals will only affect your college affiliation. Your housing assignment will not change as a result of the change in your college affiliation.
  2. Also by the deadline, submit an appeal at explaining your reasons for appealing your college assignment.

A decision on your college appeal will be sent to your UCSC email account within 2 weeks of your housing application deadline.

Once again, welcome to UC Santa Cruz!