Proposed Relocation

An artist rendering of the proposed new Family Student Housing community

The Family Student Housing (FSH) community is planned to be relocated to newly constructed apartments upon their construction. The proposed new site is on the east side of campus on Hagar Drive, near the base of campus. A new and expanded Early Education program will open at the new FSH site that will service 140 children of students, staff, and faculty and will be operated by Bright Horizons, a private childcare company contracted with the campus.

The new FSH apartments are part of a large housing initiative: Student Housing West (SHW).

The new Family Student Housing community will provide 140 apartment units intended to serve families with children. Graduate and undergraduate student couples will have secondary priority for apartments. This will result in changes to the eligibility to live long term at FSH for other family groups. These changes to the contract should be read in full and taken into consideration when applying for FSH.

If you have been continuously housed at FSH since December 2017, the university has made a commitment to continue to house you on campus either at the new FSH community or in other university housing.

Please Note: If your eligibility is based on the limitations listed under the Terms of Occupancy then you should anticipate moving out at the end of the contract date. FSH residents and applicants on the waitlist with a minor child or expecting parents would remain eligible to move to the new SHW FSH apartment facility.

As these changes may affect your decision to apply for FSH if you have any questions on how your family status could affect your potential housing assignment please contact our office at (831) 459-4080 or

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