Important Considerations

Proposed relocation of Family Student Housing
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Listed below are some housing conditions and regulations that applicants may want to consider when making their housing selection.

  • Applicants should be aware that we are unable to honor requests for specific apartment styles or locations.
  • Family Student Housing apartments are unfurnished.
  • Residents are able to remain at Family Student Housing during the summer months as long as they will be a registered student in the fall.
  • Following at least one-quarter of occupancy, residents are eligible for a one-quarter waiver of student registration requirements, provided that they obtain permission from management and register for classes the following quarter.
  • Dogs and cats are not permitted.
  • Service and support animals must be registered and approved in advance by the Disability Resource Center.
  • Parking for additional vehicles is available in remote parking lots only.
  • Residents are responsible for gas, electrical, and telephone services. Cable TV via Xfinity On Campus and Internet service included (read more on bandwidth limitations)
    • FSH receives internet service via a DOCSIS cable modem technology. DOCSIS cable modem technology requires FSH residents to “share” the available bandwidth. During peak usage, this will decrease the available bandwidth available to each user. While we predict service delivery of between 2-4Mbps, during peak times, this may drop. DOCSIS cable modem technology is different than the Ethernet service delivered to other residential areas of campus housing where we deliver 10Mbps via Ethernet port.
  • Personal storage space inside apartments is limited and outside storage is not permitted.
  • Apartments are not sound proofed and residents should expect some noise common to any multi-family residential environment. In addition, some areas of Family Student Housing can seem louder than others due to their siting within the acoustic topography of the campus. We will be happy to discuss these specific considerations with you at the time that an apartment offer is made.

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