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Family Student Housing is a year round housing facility. Applications are accepted year round, and move in dates are assigned in order of date of application and according to length of notice you require (from 24 hours to 30 days). Applications are prioritized by family status, with offers made to families with children first.

To apply:

  • Download and return the application (PDF) with documentation of eligibility, proof of relationship for each family member, and photo ID for each family member over the age of 18 years.

Applicants with children must submit a copy of all applicable documents:

  1. each child's birth certificate or adoption papers, if you are claiming parenthood
  2. proof of custody, if you are claiming single parent status
  3. doctor's verification of pregnancy with due date, if you are claiming an expected child

Required Documents
For couples, one partner must be a registered UCSC student. Couples can provide a valid marriage certificate, a domestic partner certificate, or an Affidavit of Adult Partnership Form (PDF) along with any two of the following that demonstrates a long-term, mutually-dependent relationship (supporting documentation must pre-date application date by minimum of six months):

  1. joint ownership of property;
  2. joint checking or savings account;
  3. joint responsibility for loans/debts,
  4. a will on behalf of one partner that names the other a beneficiary;
  5. an insurance policy held by one partner that names the other as a beneficiary;
  6. executor or durable power of attorney granted by one partner to the other;
  7. co-parent of minor child(ren) and evidence of a least half-time custody by one of the partners;
  8. Other documentation may be submitted for consideration.
(Note: All documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the original is in a foreign language.)

All applicants must submit a copy of current student photo ID card and/or a copy of their acceptance letter to the University. All family members over the age of 18 years must submit a copy of a current photo ID.

When we receive your application and supporting documents, you will be sent confirmation that your name has been placed on the waiting list. Incomplete application materials will not be processed and will be returned.

In order to maintain an active wait list application, you must promptly respond to wait list update requests from the Family Student Housing Office. Students who we are unable to contact regarding an available apartment will be removed from the wait list.

Note: Postdoctoral Scholars, and their families, will be considered for any available space after requests/applications of registered UCSC students have been accommodated.

Contact Family Student Housing by  email ( or by phone (831)459-4080 if you wish to change or update the information on your application.

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