Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove is a small, quiet apartment community for incoming transfer students (regardless of college affiliation). Students must be 23 or older.

Each apartment has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Ground floor apartments have decks, while upper apartments have private balconies.

Trans-inclusive Housing for continuing students and transfer students is also located at Redwood Grove. These apartments are available to students of any college affiliation.

 Call (831) 459-5282 or e-mail for more information.


Additional Roommates/Housemates

We look forward to welcoming more students into university housing as public health circumstances allow. In some instances, students may be assigned to rooms that are configured to accommodate additional roommates (i.e. a triple room initially being assigned as a double). All furniture needs to remain in the room, and residents will be expected to welcome additional roommate(s)/housemate(s) when assigned by the university. The university reserves the right to assign or reassign students as necessary, and to adjust room rates based on the actual room accommodation.

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