Housing Waiting List

For students on a housing waiting list, your active application represents your interest in being assigned housing, and you may be assigned at any time if a space matching your preferences becomes available.

If you are in need of housing for the current quarter:

  • Review and update your application in the Housing Portal to include as many room types as you are willing to accept and then contact your community housing office to discuss availability and options. The most common room type that may become available is a residence hall triple. If this room type is not among your preferences, consider returning to the Housing Portal to update the room preferences listed in your housing application.

If you are no longer interested in university housing for the current quarter, take immediate action:

  • Move your application to the waitlist for a future quarter by returning to the Housing Portal to update the Term in your application.
  • Cancel your application in the Housing Portal if you are no longer interested in being assigned housing. There is no fee for canceling an application prior to a space being assigned; cancellation fees will apply in all cases of a student canceling a confirmed housing space.
  • Updating or canceling your application will help us have a more accurate waiting list and know who is interested in housing for the current quarter. We want to ensure the limited spaces available go directly to students still in need of housing and appreciate your cooperation.

If you keep your application on the waitlist for the current quarter and are not assigned housing before the end of the quarter, your waitlist application will be canceled on the final day of the quarter. You will need to reapply for a future term if interested in future university housing.

Off-Campus Housing

Though you are welcome to keep your application on the wait list in case a space matching your preferences becomes available, we encourage students on waiting lists to also pursue off-campus housing options, especially if you are seeking something that may not become available in campus housing during the timeframe that you want it.

For example, if you want a single room or a space in an apartment, you may be able to find options like that sooner off campus.

To assist you, please utilize these tips and resources:

  • The online Renters Workshop will help you optimize your rental search and you’ll learn your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Upon completion of the online course you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion to show landlords you are a knowledgeable prospective tenant.
  • Rental Application Packet: create a packet for you and your prospective housemates using sample forms.
  • Rental Listings: Places4Students.com lists off-campus rentals in the communities surrounding UCSC. You may also view prospective roommate profiles that can assist you in identifying like-minded individuals to join together in your search for off-campus rentals. Roommate profiles are also useful to students already in a rental situation who are seeking additional housemates. Viewing of rental listings and roommate profiles is restricted to UCSC affiliates so this is a great resource for all UCSC students!
    • Tip! Set up a Smart Search in Places4Students.com to find listings that match your preferences and to get email notifications when new matching listings are posted.
  • Talk to friends about your plans: many students find housing by word of mouth!
  • Places to stay while looking for housing: various local hotels offer discounted weekly rates or discounts to UCSC affiliates. Contact the hotels directly and ask about any available discounts.

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