Quarter Breaks


All undergraduate residential facilities close at noon on Friday, June 11, 2021. Late checkout can be requested and continuous housing is available for students who are staying on campus for summer.

Beginning May 27, students who have a valid need to remain in residence the weekend following finals may request a contract extension/late checkout through the Housing Portal. Whether you're working on campus, waiting to catch your international/out-of-state flight, or waiting to move to another university housing location for summer, you'll need to submit an extension request to stay in residence after the quarter ends. Requests are subject to the review and approval of the student’s residential community. Any student discovered in a closed residential facility without an approved contract extension will be assessed a $100.00 unauthorized stay over fee, escorted off the premises, and may face conduct action. Dining service in the dining halls is available during the weekend following finals at an additional cost.

Note: Current spring quarter residents who will be living in Transitional Housing/Summer Session Housing need to submit a spring contract extension in order to remain in residence until you can move into your summer assignment on Tuesday, June 15.


December 11, 2021 – January 2, 2022



March 19–26, 2022


Quarter Break information pertains to students living in college residence halls and apartments, the Transfer Community, Redwood Grove, The Village, University Town Center, and the Camper Park. It does not apply to students living at Graduate Student Housing or Family Student Housing, as the housing contracts for these communities are for the full year (through the end of June), and students may stay in residence during all academic breaks.