Housing Priority

UC Santa Cruz is actively observing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and carefully adjusting to significant changes resulting from the health crisis. Under normal operations, new UCSC students are eligible for a housing guarantee: one year for new transfer students and two years for new frosh. For 2021-22, the pre-2019 housing guarantee system has been replaced with a housing prioritization system.

2021-22 university housing will be prioritized for the groups listed below. However, any student – whether in a priority group or not – can apply for university housing. Each year we work diligently to house as many students as possible, but regretfully, we likely will not be able to accommodate all interested students.

Priority Groups

2021-22 New Frosh and New Transfers
Students entering UCSC in Fall 2021 or Winter 2022
2020-21 EOP New Frosh
Students who entered UCSC as freshmen in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 and are affiliated with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
2020-21 Campus housing residents with an exceptional need
Students who lived in university housing during 2020-21 on the basis of an exceptional need (e.g. a lack of alternate housing, personal health or safety considerations, and/or alternate housing lacked the infrastructure needed to support remote learning).
2020-21 New Frosh and New Transfers who reside in campus housing during Summer Session 2021
A limited number of Fall 2021 housing spaces are being reserved for students who entered UCSC in 2020-21, are enrolled in Summer Session 2021, and live on-campus during the Summer 2021 Session 2 or 10-week Session. If the number of students exceeds the number of Fall 2021 spaces available, spaces will be assigned based on the application received date for summer session housing, room/housing preferences, gender, and responses to the lifestyle questionnaire used in roommate/housemate matching.
Continuing Students with a Current Class Level of Freshman or Sophomore
General waitlist continuing students with a current class level of freshmen or sophomore.
EOP Continuing Juniors
Students who are sophomores in 2020-21 (expected to be juniors in Fall 2021) and are affiliated with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
International Students (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students)
Undergraduate, non-immigrant international students attending UCSC on a visa and enrolled in a degree seeking program at UCSC.
K.S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program
Military Veterans
Regents Scholars
Renaissance Scholars 

Details about Housing Priority

In order to be prioritized, students must:

  1. Meet all housing application deadlines. Late applications will automatically be placed on the general waitlist.
  2. Accept university housing when it is assigned/offered. We will do our best to prioritize students in the priority groups, but cannot guarantee housing availability, a specific facility, or a specific room type.
    • If a space matching one of the room preferences in a student’s housing application becomes available, they will be assigned to the space. In this instance, students will not receive notification prior to being assigned.
    • A Housing Coordinator may offer an alternate housing assignment if a space matching a student’s application preference(s) is not available. If a priority student declines (or does not respond to) an offer of housing in order to wait for a specific housing option, any priority status will be voided and the student’s application will be moved to the general wait list.