Important Message to Waitlist Applicants

To: Students on the general waitlist for fall 2022 campus housing

Date: July 21, 2022

Dear student,

Thank you for applying for Fall 2022 university housing. We are writing to provide an important update about the housing assignment process for students who are on the general waitlist for on-campus housing.

All campus housing communities will soon complete housing assignments for students with priority status. Once that process is complete all remaining space will be offered to students on the general waitlist.

Demand for on-campus housing remains extremely high and exceeds remaining availability. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer housing assignments to every student who wishes to live on campus.

Because so few on-campus housing options remain available, all students on the general waitlist should work to confirm off-campus housing as soon as possible.

A good way to begin this process is by utilizing the helpful online resources at This includes:

  • An online Renters Workshop to help students optimize their rental search and provide valuable tips for first-time renters.

  • The rental site lists off-campus rentals in the communities surrounding UCSC. This site also invites UCSC students to create roommate profiles that can assist students in identifying like-minded individuals to join together in their search for off-campus rentals. Roommate profiles are also useful to students already in a rental situation who are seeking additional housemates. We are reaching out to local landlords, encouraging them to list their available properties. Viewing of rental listings and roommate profiles is restricted to UCSC affiliates so this is a great resource for all UCSC students!

As soon as you have secured off-campus housing, we ask that you immediately cancel your waitlist application. This helps us to more accurately assess ongoing needs for on-campus accommodations.

Fall housing contract cancellation fees will be waived for students currently on the general waitlist until the start of classes on September 22, 2022.

If you are no longer interested in university housing, please promptly cancel your application in the Housing Portal (

Important waitlist reminders:

Be flexible. The more flexible you are in your housing options, the greater your chance of being assigned housing. The most common room types still available are in residence hall triples. If this accommodation type is not among your preferences, consider returning to the Housing Portal to update the room preferences listed in your housing application.

Be patient. We cannot predict when or what type of spaces may become available, or how many waitlist students we will be able to accommodate prior to the start of fall quarter. If a space matching one of your room preferences becomes available, you will be assigned to the space. You will not receive notification prior to being assigned, but a confirmation email will be sent to your UCSC email once you’ve been assigned housing.

  • Alternate Housing Offer: If there are no spaces available that match your room preferences, you may be offered a different room type if one becomes available. Alternate housing offers are made via UCSC email and require you to accept within forty-eight (48) hours or the offer is void and the space will be offered to another student. Closely monitor your UCSC email and/or set up email forwarding to have your UCSC email forwarded to another account you check regularly.
    • First offer: If a student declines or does not respond within the allotted time to a first alternate housing offer, the student’s application will remain on the waitlist (priority students will be moved to the general waitlist and will no longer receive priority for placement).
    • Second offer: If a student declines or does not respond within the allotted time to any subsequent alternate housing offer, the University reserves the right to terminate the waitlist application. The student will be required to submit a new waitlist application if they are later interested in future university housing.

We realize you probably have several questions about this process. To help provide as much information as possible, we’ve created this list of answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not addressed on the list, please reach out to your College Housing office for further assistance. We welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback about this process, in general, or your circumstances, in particular.

We know this update is disappointing. While we sincerely wish we were writing to offer more optimistic prospects for your chances of receiving an on-campus housing assignment, we recognize the search for housing is stressful and time-consuming. As such, we wanted to offer this essential update transparently and urgently so that you can continue your efforts to secure housing for the fall quarter.



Sue Matthews
Associate Vice Chancellor
Colleges, Housing and Educational Services