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Housing Guarantee

UC Santa Cruz offers a housing guarantee to new undergraduate students who accept their offer of admission and indicate a preference for university housing. A housing guarantee ensures a space in university housing; however, a particular community or specific room type is not guaranteed.

Housing Guarantees

New Freshmen

New Transfers

Standard Housing Guarantee* 2 years 1 years
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)** 3 years 2 years
International Students
Undergraduate, non-immigrant international students attending UCSC on a visa and enrolled in a degree seeking program at UCSC.
4 years 2 years
K.S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program n/a 2 years
Military Veterans 4 years 2 years
Regents Scholars 4 years 2 years
Smith Renaissance Society 4 years 2 years
Rosa Parks African American Theme House (RPAATH)
A housing guarantee will be extended to any former RPAATH resident who previously applied to, was assigned to and did live there who wishes to return to RPAATH pending space availability and/or any exclusions due to conduct history. A Housing application and supplemental RPAATH application will need to be completed.
* New transfer students who enter UCSC fall 2017 or later receive a 1-year guarantee; transfers who entered prior to fall 2017 are eligible for a 2-year guarantee.
** New EOP freshmen who enter UCSC fall 2017 or later receive a 3-year guarantee; EOP freshmen who entered prior to fall 2017 are eligible for a 4-year guarantee.


Guarantee Conditions

Students with housing guarantees must adhere to all guarantee conditions in order to maintain the housing guarantee. A guarantee will be voided if student fails to meet any of the following guarantee conditions.

1) Meet all housing application and assignment deadlines.

New Students: Accept the offer of admission to UC Santa Cruz by completing the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) process at When prompted during the SIR process:

  • Indicate your preference for university housing. Note: students who indicate a preference for off-campus housing during the SIR process will not receive a housing guarantee, even if they later apply for university housing.
  • Submit any required advance fees.

Once affiliated with a college, submit a housing application/contract at by the deadline issued by Student Housing Services.

Continuing Students: Submit a “Fall” housing application/contract at during the annual Priority Housing Application Period and participate in all required college/housing facility room selection activities.

2) Maintain continuous residence in UCSC housing during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters). Summer Session housing is not required to maintain guarantee status.

3) Accept university housing when it is offered.

A housing guarantee ensures a space in university housing; however, a particular community or specific room type is not guaranteed. A Housing Coordinator may offer an alternate housing assignment if a space matching a student’s application preference(s) is not available. If a guaranteed student declines (or does not respond to) an offer of housing in order to wait for a specific housing option, any existing housing guarantee will be voided and the student’s application will be moved to the non-guarantee wait list.

4) Adhere to all Terms and Conditions of residence (conduct and financial contractual responsibilities).

Reinstatement of Guarantees

If a housing guarantee has been forfeited due to one of the reasons listed below, a student may submit a written appeal to the Associate College Administrative Officer (ACAO) at their college to request reinstatement of the previous housing guarantee.

Students may request reinstatement of a guarantee due to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find out if I have a housing guarantee?
If you’re unsure if you’ve met all the guarantee conditions, contact your Housing Coordinator to inquire whether you have a housing guarantee or not.

Q: If I am a member of one of the groups listed above (e.g. EOP, Smith Renaissance, etc.) does that mean I’m automatically guaranteed?
Yes, if you’ve met each of the guarantee conditions. If any guarantee condition was not met then it’s likely you do not have a guarantee, though you can continue to benefit from the other services and resources that come with being affiliated with these groups.

Q: My guarantee was voided when I went on an exchange program, can I request to get it reinstated when I return to UCSC?
Yes, you can submit a written appeal to the Associate College Administrative Officer (ACAO) at your college to request reinstatement of your previous housing guarantee.

Q: Can I apply for university housing if I don’t have a housing guarantee?
Any student – guaranteed or not – can apply for university housing. However, only once all the guaranteed students have been accommodated are applications from non-guaranteed students considered. Unfortunately there is not sufficient on-campus housing available for all students. Non-guaranteed students are encouraged to pursue off-campus housing while waiting to find out if they can be housed on campus.