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Laundry Service Changes this Summer
Laundry Service Changes this Summer

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Restorative Justice Program
Restorative Justice Program

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UC Santa Cruz among greenest universities in Sierra Club ranking

UC Santa Cruz among greenest universities in Sierra Club ranking

UCSC is one of the 20 greenest colleges
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Residential Damage Charges for 2016-17



Biohazard fee for cleaning involving body fluids $30 per incident
(Cost of labor)
Carpet charge due to excessive stains $35 minimum
Curtain charge due to excessive soil or staining $45 minimum
Tier 1 Residence Halls - significant cleaning required $15 per resident
Tier 2 Residence Halls - extensive cleaning required $35 per resident
Tier 3 Residence Halls - no cleaning done by resident Full cost @ $35/hour
Tier 1 Apartments - significant cleaning required $10 per resident
Tier 2 Apartments - extensive cleaning required $35 per resident
Tier 3 Apartments - no cleaning done by resident(s) Full cost @ $35/hour


Adhesive - remove double stick tape $10 per square
Adhesive - remove duct tape and adhesive residue $5 per foot
Burn damage (cigarettes, incense, etc.) $25 minimum
Burn / smoke damage (fire incident) Full cost of repair
Carpet - full replacement (major damage-irreparable) Full cost to replace
Curtain - sliding glass door (irreparable damage) $100 minimum
Curtain or shade - replace (irreparable damage) $65 minimum
Damage caused by pet Cost of repair
Door - missing room number plaque or peep hole $40 per item
Door - closet - reinstall $25
Door - repaint $50 per side
Door - sliding glass - frame damage Cost of repair
Door - sliding glass - glass replacement $400 minimum
Door - sliding glass - screen - rescreen $75 per door
Furniture move - not in proper room $25 per hour
Furniture - reassemble bed (disassembly not authorized) $25
Wall - remove anchors  $20 per anchor
Wall - glow-in-the-dark stickers $25 per hour
Wall - paint ceiling $150 per room
Wall - paint full room $375 per room
Wall - paint full wall $75 per wall
Wall - posting board replacement Full cost of replacement
Wall - repair due to excessive damage (dart holes, etc.) $100 minimum per wall
Wax - damage $50 per area
Window - reglaze $100 minimum
Window - screen frame bent, lost $40 minimum per screen
Window - sill repair $50 minimum

Lock and Key Charges

Lock out $15 after 3 requests
(per year)
Lost key - apt. front door  or Res Hall room $100
Lost key - res building or apt. bedroom $25

Furniture and Fixture Replacement

Bedframe parts missing, misc. $50
Bedframe replacement $270
Bookshelf $150
Chair $125
Computer hub $30
Desk $270
Desk pedestal $180
Dresser $288
Light fixture lens $50
Mattress $135
Mattress pad $10
Mirror $130
Smoke alarm $125
Trash can - bedroom $40
Recycle bin $25
Wardrobe cabinet $550
Coffee table $300
Couch - 3-cushion $550
Couch - 2-cushion $400
Dining table $400
End table $200
Floor lamp $100
Lounge chair $300
Door closer $125
Table lamp $100
Thermostat $100
Trash can - kitchen $40
Vacuum cleaner $200

Miscellaneous charges

Failure to file check out paperwork $50
Late move-out $100 per day
Misc. hourly labor charge $25 per hour

Notes: Charges are assessed based upon move-out inspections or upon discovery of damages at other times.  Residents are not charged for normal wear-and-tear, or for damages noted on Move-In Inspection forms.