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What to Bring to College
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Summer Session housing

Summer Session Housing

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Short term summer housing at the University Town Center

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Short term summer housing
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Triple Room Video Tour

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Laundry Service Changes this Summer
Laundry Service Changes this Summer

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Student on Bike PathRenters Insurance

The University of California strongly recommends renters insurance for all students. As noted in the terms and conditions of the housing contract, the University assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to a student’s personal property.

Renters insurance may be purchased from any source. As a service, the university has arranged for interested students to receive information about GradGuard Renters Insurance, an exclusive plan specifically designed for students. The plan includes the following features:

Who can I contact for more information?
Contact GradGuard Customer Service between the hours of 8am-9pm EST, Monday- Saturday, with any questions regarding coverage or claims.  

Why is the University encouraging renters insurance?
Renters Insurance is one option families can use to reduce their risk of financial loss due to theft, property damage, injury to other people, or damage to other people's property.

What things should I consider? 
Every policy is different, so select one that suits your needs. When comparing policies, pay attention to coverage as well as to cost.

Would I be covered by my parent’s policy?
You may. Have your parents check to see if their homeowner's policy covers you while you are here at UCSC. If you are not covered, we recommend you look into your own policy.

Are other types of insurance available to students?
Yes. Tuition Refund Insurance protects students financially in case they need to withdraw for medical reasons. You can find more information on the UCSC Risk Services web site.