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Power and Representation

Congratulations and Welcome

To help prepare you to apply for housing and to live on campus, we offer this housing guide containing important information about your college, housing options, and answers to many commonly asked questions about campus housing.

It is our goal to provide you with an academically and socially supportive environment that will help you build a strong connection with the campus and get the most out of your UCSC experience.

We look forward to having you as part of our campus community!

Your College

Kresge was founded in 1971 and is the sixth college at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It was designed with the concept of participatory democracy as a means of encouraging a strong sense of community. We envision the college as a place where students can enjoy a sense of independence and self-expression. Kresge College continues to support and encourage participation, dialogue and active involvement from its students, faculty, and staff.

Community Ethics

Kresge College upholds the ideals of cultural, ethnic, sexual, political and spiritual diversity. At Kresge, we realize that freedom to decide and to express one’s opinion and beliefs is of the utmost importance. However, attitudes of disrespect or intolerance of the beliefs, ideas, lifestyles or person-hood of another are not conducive to the academic and social environment Kresge strives to create. In choosing to be affiliated with Kresge, we affirm these ideals and make a personal commitment to practice them in our daily lives.

Students at Kresge plaza


Kresge student in stairwell

Community Life

Both organized and spontaneous events occur frequently, so watch for them! Kresge events are a great way to meet other students,and the college staff and faculty. The college sponsors music events, open mics, film series, DJ dances, lectures, and more.

Kresge has a vibrant community life and we hope you will take part in it by both attending our events as well as letting us know of events you may like to see produced at your college. We are interested in your ideas, so let us hear from you.

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Facilities at Kresge College

Community Involvement


Kresge Student Parliament

Kresge College has an active student government, which meets every Thursday to discuss major college and university issues and to help initiate, develop and sponsor college events with campus-wide student organizations. Kresge Parliament offers students opportunities for community service, support and activism in a setting emphasizing participatory democracy.

Town Meetings

Members of Kresge faculty, staff and students meet occasionally to discuss issues and concerns facing Kresge or the larger campus. Issues and ideas are discussed, opinions are shared and solutions are discovered, all in a safe and supportive environment with an emphasis on building community.

Kresge Multicultural Education Committee (KMEC)

KMEC was created as a way to provide an open and safe forum in which all students can express and appreciate each other’s cultural experiences. KMEC is open to all Kresge students; members actively work to educate the students, staff and faculty of Kresge on multicultural issues and issues of diversity. KMEC offers programs and events to uphold its mission as well as weekly meetings.

Student Run Co-Ops

Kresge is home to four student run co-ops. The Music Co-op provides a space for students and bands to practice their instruments with amplified sound. The Photo Co-op includes a darkroom, developing equipment and chemicals needed to develop photographs. The Food Co-op is a non-profit food store that supports small farmers, UCSC Farm and the Kresge Garden. The Kresge Garden is a community space in which students learn to grown food from seeds, composting and working cooperatively.


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Owl's Nest restaurant at Kresge College
Students at Kresge Co-op
Kresge students during move-in