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Continuing Student Priority Housing Application Period
Continuing Student Priority Housing Application Period

April 16-23, 2018
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Restorative Justice Program
Restorative Justice Program

Have you experienced harm or conflict? We’re here to help!
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Village, UTC, and Camper Park RA Selection 2018-19

What is an RA?
RAs (Residential Assistants) are student leaders who live in the communities they serve. RAs are the front line responders for most resident needs, and an RA's average day may change radically depending on what time of year it is, what challenges a given community is facing, or what type of students live in a given community. RAs may be assigned to work in the residential area they live in, and would report to the supervising Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE) for their community. Kristen Weaver supervises The Village and Camper Park, and Ryan Macleod supervises the UTC. Feel free to email Ryan or Kristen if you have any specific questions.

In a nutshell, RAs partner with students to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for lifelong engagement in caring and socially just communities! If you are interested in some more detail, you can read the job descriptions at the bottom of this page.

Applicant Check List:

  1. Attend one of the mandatory info sessions - dates and times are listed below
  2. Apply online at the Career Center website (Village ER #3570, UTC ER #4630, Camper Park ER #8118)
  3. Complete and submit the Supplemental Application. Important: Supplemental application includes a personal statement.
  4. Email your résumé to Kristen Weaver (CRE for The Village & Camper Park) by the deadline.
  5. Two Recommendation Forms need to be completed by the deadline.
  6. Returning RA applicants: As part of the interview time, you will be asked to prepare a 10-minute presentation on an educational program based on the current programming model. You should provide a copy of the outline you will use and the flyer you would use to promote this event.

Individual Interviews: Participants will be selected for an individual interview based on the application, overall qualifications, and eligibility requirements. Applicants selected for an individual interview will be notified via email by Monday, January 29th.

The Career Center application deadline is Wednesday, January 24th, by 9:00 am

Mandatory Info Session Dates and Times 

Supplemental Application
Complete and submit the Supplemental Application by January 24th at 9:00 am.

Reference Form
Have two references submit Recommendation Forms by the January 24th deadline. These should be completed by individuals who know you well and can address your qualifications for the job/jobs. This could include work or volunteer supervisors, coach, instructor, current RA etc. Relatives, roommates, or friends are not considered appropriate references. 

Apply at the Career Center
Apply online at the Career Center website for the appropriate job number:

Updated job descriptions for the 2018-19 school year are forthcoming. Please check back in this location for more info. We will provide up to date job descriptions at the info sessions as well. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us! Good luck, and hope to see you in an info session!

Job Descriptions:
  • Camper Park (PDF)
  • Village (PDF)