Housing Priority

Priority for available fall 2022 housing will be given to newly admitted fall 2022 undergraduate students as well as various continuing student populations. For winter 2023, only newly admitted students for winter term will receive priority. See below for a complete list of priority groups.

We will do our best to house all students in the priority groups, but cannot guarantee housing availability, a specific facility, or a specific room type. In addition to attempting to house students with priority status, we hope to accommodate as many students as possible from the general waitlist but must acknowledge we may not be able to accommodate all interested students.


New students who indicate a preference for university housing when accepting their offer of admission are eligible for housing priority for their admitted term in fall 2022 or winter 2023. 

Continuing students are eligible for housing priority if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Continuous residence in UCSC housing during winter 2022 & spring 2022 quarters
  • Affiliation with one of the defined priority groups
  • Active student status and eligible to enroll in spring 2022 academic term

Priority status determined for students who met all of the above criteria on March 24, 2022. Priority status will not be given if a student meets the above criteria after this date.


Priority Groups

2022-23 New Frosh, New Transfers, and New Visiting Students
Students admitted to UCSC in Fall 2022 or Winter 2023

2021-22 Frosh (Rising Sophomores)
Students admitted as frosh in 2021-22 who meet all requirements.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) affiliates
Students who entered UCSC as frosh in 2020-21 and affiliated with EOP.
Students who entered UCSC as transfer students in 2021-22 and affiliated with EOP
Also includes Enhanced EOP (eligibility based on a combination of factors: EOP status, AB540 status, and financial need).

International Students (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students)
Undergraduate, non-immigrant international students attending UCSC on a visa and enrolled in a degree seeking program at UCSC.

K.S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program
Military Veterans
Regents Scholars
Renaissance Scholars 


Priority Conditions

Students with priority status must adhere to the following conditions in order to maintain priority. Priority status will be voided if a student fails to meet any of the following conditions.

1) Meet all housing application and assignment deadlines.

New Students: Accept the offer of admission to UC Santa Cruz by completing the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) process at my.ucsc.edu. When prompted during the SIR process, indicate a preference for university housing. Once affiliated with a college, submit a housing application at studenthousing.ucsc.edu by the deadline issued by Student Housing Services. Note: students who indicate a preference for off-campus housing during the SIR process will not receive priority status even if they later apply for university housing.

Continuing Students: Submit a fall housing application at studenthousing.ucsc.edu during the April 11-18, 2022 Housing Application Period and participate in all required college/housing facility room selection activities.

If an otherwise eligible student does not apply during the designated application period they will not receive priority status even if they later apply for university housing.

2) Maintain an active priority application.

Maintain an active priority application for the duration of the 2022-23 academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters). Priority status is voided if the student does not take the required steps to keep their application active or if the student cancels their application prior to or during the academic year.

3) Accept university housing when it is assigned/offered.

Priority status does not constitute a housing guarantee, nor is a particular housing community or room type assured. 

If a space matching one of your room preferences becomes available, you will be assigned to the space. You will not receive notification prior to being assigned, but a confirmation email will be sent to your UCSC email once you’ve been assigned housing.

If there are no spaces available that match your room preferences, you may be offered a different room type if one becomes available. Alternate housing offers are made via UCSC email and require the student to accept within forty-eight (48) hours or the offer is void. If a priority student declines (or does not respond to) an offer of housing, any priority status will be voided and the student’s application will be moved to the general wait list.


Q: Can I apply for university housing if I don’t have priority?

A: Yes. All students – with or without priority status – are encouraged to apply for university housing. Each year Housing staff work diligently to house as many students as possible. Nevertheless, we may not be able to accommodate all interested students.