In June, continuing students in the priority groups, who applied during the May 17-24 application period, will be eligible to participate in the Room Selection process. A randomized lottery will be used to determine the order in which students are invited to select apartments/rooms.

Room selection invitations will be sent by Friday, June 18 and will include the appointment time to log into the June 21-22 room selection process. If you do not receive an invitation email you will not be able to log in to Room Selection, and not all students who are eligible to log in may be able to make a housing selection since spaces are limited. Following room selection, there is a process of staff assigning students from the waitlist.

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Transfer students

Students can participate in room selection as an individual or as a member of a group. If you are a member of a group, designate the person in your group with the earliest appointment time as your group leader. By agreeing to join a group you are authorizing the group leader to select housing on your behalf, and to accept that person's decision as final.

Make a plan! Talk to your group ahead of time about what types of rooms each person is willing to accept and who will share a room with whom. Have a plan – and a back-up plan!

  • Resident Assistants (RA), as well as student leaders who are required to live in a specific room or building due to their responsibilities, will be assigned by the housing staff.
  • Space in the International Living Center (ILC), Rosa Parks African American Theme House (R.PAATH), and Trans-inclusive Housing will be assigned based on a student's expressed interest, and their eligibility and/or commitment to one of these residential housing options. Priority will be given to students in one of the priority groups and spaces will be assigned by the housing staff.

June 21-22 Room Selection

Eligible students select a space at their applied-for-community either individually or as part of a group. 

  • A randomized lottery will be conducted to determine the order students will be invited to log into room selection to make a housing selection. Neither college affiliation or class level will determine priority order. 
  • Students planning to select housing as part of a group of 2 or more students should appoint the student with the earliest log in time to serve as their group leader. The group leader will be responsible for selecting housing on behalf of all group members. 
  • Some rooms made available for room selection have a gender designation -- most commonly as part of a single-gender floor or apartment. Rooms that have a gender designation will only be visible to students of that gender. Rooms that do not have a gender designation are available for any student to select and will take on the gender designation of the first student who selects the room.
  • The spaces available to a student during room selection are based on the student's gender, or in the case of a group, the size and gender make-up of the entire group. For example, a group of three female students would only see rooms/apartments with three spaces available for female students.
  • A student may assign themself to a vacant room, or to a room shared by other students of the same gender.
  • A student’s gender in MyUCSC may affect their options during Room Selection. Learn more »


Apartment spaces can be selected by groups or by individuals. If available, a group can select an entire apartment and assign all group members to spaces in the apartment. Other apartment spaces may be selected by individuals or groups that would only fill a portion of the apartment. If an apartment space is not available for your group, you may need to consider reducing the size of your group or selecting individual spaces in separate apartments, if available.

Residence Hall Rooms

You may select a room for yourself, or a room with enough spaces to accommodate yourself and your group members. If a room is not available for your group, you may need to consider reducing the size of your group or selecting individual spaces in separate rooms, if available.