Priority Point System

A point system is used to determine the order in which students with housing guarantees will be invited to select apartments/rooms. The room and apartment selection processes are only for students with housing guarantees; non-guaranteed students will not be eligible to participate in room selection.

Group of happy students









of Entry**


2015 or 2016






Priority Points are awarded based on a student’s affiliation with their applied-for-college and the year a student entered UCSC. Students have the highest priority for selection at their affiliated colleges. Students considering applying for housing at a different college are strongly advised to consult with housing staff before proceeding . To help determine your priority for selection, please refer to the examples below.



Affiliate | 2015 or 2016


Affiliate | 2017


Affiliate | 2018


Non-Affiliate | 2015 or 2016


Non-Affiliate | 2017


Non-Affiliate | 2018


Transfer students
  • *College affiliation is applicable only for assignment processes at the 10 colleges. Affiliation is not a consideration for assignment at The Village, or the University Town Center.
  • **Additional points will be assigned to transfer students to place them in their appropriate class level.
  • Student leaders who are identified by the May 3 declaration form deadline will each be granted 1 extra priority point. Student leader positions are defined as:
    • College Orientation Leader
    • College Student Government Affiliate
    • College student employees whose employment requires them to work evenings/late nights at their college of residence. (This does not apply to college student employees who live in one community but work in a different community)
  • The year a student entered the University supersedes their class status.
  • Resident Assistants (RA), as well as student leaders who are required to live in a specific room or building due to their responsibilities, will be assigned in advance of the Early Group Selection process by the housing staff at their college/community.
  • Space in the International Living Center (ILC), Rosa Parks African American Theme House (R.PAATH), the Program in Community & Agroecology (PICA), and in Trans-inclusive Housing will be assigned based on a student's ability to demonstrate their interest, eligibility and/or commitment to one of these residential housing options. Priority will be given to students with housing guarantees; students without housing guarantees may be considered for placement after guarantees have been honored, space permitting. Housing assignments will be made in advance of the Early Group Selection process.

Early Group Selection

Res Hal

Tuesday, May 21 at all housing communities
Eligible groups wanting to reserve a space early, before Room Selection, can select a full apartment or a block of residence hall rooms during Early Group Selection at the community to which they applied. Students must submit a declaration form to their housing office by May 3. Your housing office will notify you by May 14 if your group is eligible to participate.

Apartment Groups
All colleges set aside some apartments exclusively for  full apartment households. Apartment groups must be able to fill an entire apartment. Priority will be given based on the collective points of all household members.

Residence Hall Groups 
Select a block of residence hall rooms with a group of friends to create your own “neighborhood”. Your group must include a minimum of three applicants for two or more adjacent rooms and must be able to fill all available spaces in selected rooms. Priority will be given based on the collective points of all group members. ( Bonus: Rate Saver —lock in the 2018-19 room and meal plan rates for 2019-20!)

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Room Selection

Online Room Selection (May 22-23)
Eligible students select a space at their applied-for-community
either individually or as part of a group.

By May 16, students invited to participate in online Room Selection will receive a Room Selection invitation email at their UCSC email address. The email will contain an access code and appointment time to log in to Student Housing Online and make a housing selection.

If you do not receive an invitation email you will not be able to participate in online Room Selection.

See Staff Assign Waitlist Students.