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Social Justice and Community

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Founded in 2002, College Ten is the newest college at UC Santa Cruz. The college’s theme of “Social Justice and Community” provides exciting co-curricular opportunities and is represented in many of the college courses, student groups and extra-curricular programming available to you. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about yourself, your community and the world in which we live.

College Ten Community

College Ten is a vibrant community with many opportunities for students to get involved, shape their environment and develop leadership skills. Student-led groups, advised and supported by staff, have a primary role in planning co-curricular programming and student activities.

College Ten’s theme of Social Justice and Community recognizes the importance of building leaders who are deeply committed to social justice and who will be equipped to engage fully in their communities. Programming each quarter includes workshops, small-group classes, field trips, debates, faculty speakers, and open mic events. Issues addressed may include prisons, labor, poverty, discrimination, environmental justice, community activism, and other topics related to the college’s theme.

College Ten
Mural at College Ten

Artist: Joann Moreira

College Ten Programs

In addition to participating in College Ten’s theme-related programming, examples of other activities students may become involved with include:

CREATE offers a community at College Ten for students of color to find support and empowerment through mentorship and friendship. CREATE also hosts a variety of outreach programs throughout the academic year.

ENGAGE, the College Ten Leadership Program, meets weekly in fall quarter offering students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and explore their relationship to social justice and community.

MCW is an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and their community, build cultural competency, and develop multicultural leadership skills in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect. Through a series of structured exercises and discussion facilitated by College Ten staff, faculty and student leaders, participants explore issues impacting our individual identities (e.g. race, class, culture, sexual orientation, age, gender), build cross-cultural communication skills, and share in celebrating the diversity of our community. This weekend retreat, held in a beautiful redwood setting, is one of the cornerstones of College Ten programming.

Practical Activism is a day-long conference planned by a group of students working with staff and faculty advisors. The planning group forms in spring, and works through fall to produce the annual event. Offering interactive workshops, speakers, arts and music, this is a dynamic day of learning, inspiration and action. More information can be found at

Praxis is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about what it means to be agents of social change. It is an organization geared toward community building and social justice. Each month Praxis members engage in a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout Santa Cruz county and neighboring communities.

The governing body of the college, Student Government, appoints students to campus and college-wide committees, advises College Ten administration on policy development and provides monetary support to College Ten and university-wide student organizations.

The café is a hot spot for community interaction; a great place to study, visit, and enjoy programs put on by the café staff. On any given evening, the cafe may host an open mic, a pool tournament, a live performance by students, or group discussion around current events. Always a friendly place to meet up with friends, Terry Freitas Café has something for everyone.

College Ten Map

College Ten residence hallway
College Ten student during move-in
Students at Colleges Nine & Ten Dining Hall
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