Merrill College Renewal

March 2015

The beautiful renovation of Merrill College is nearly complete, and students have already begun to enjoy the enhanced indoor and outdoor community spaces.

Merrill’s four residential buildings were transformed with contemporary design elements that complement the original architecture. The glass facades on Residence Halls A and B contain lounges filled with natural light. Inside the buildings, student rooms and interior spaces have all new carpet and finishes, new lighting, tech upgrades like wi-fi and IPTV, and new bathrooms.

Completion of the Plaza Building is one of the last major pieces of the multi-year renovation project. A new restaurant is scheduled to open during spring quarter. The plaza area outside the restaurant will have built-in seating, lots of tables, and plenty of open space to use as a community gathering area to enjoy Merrill’s wonderful weather. The lower level of the Plaza Building will be the new location for the Housing and Residential Education Office for Crown and Merrill Colleges, providing convenient access to staff and services.

September 2014

It’s hard to believe a little over a year ago, the physical Merrill Renewal began in earnest. There have been many changes since we started, and the finish line is now in sight.

Similarly to last summer, the past few months have been abuzz with activity, primarily in the C&D residence halls and in the center plaza area. The College Office is being transformed into a separate Gatehouse (mailroom) and Administrative office, with an open breezeway welcoming you to Merrill. The plaza building, soon to house the Merrill Restaurant and the Crown and Merrill Housing and Residential Life staff is coming along as well as the gathering space around it.

In the A&B buildings, finishing touches are being put on some new lounges, the new College Programs Office is getting set up on the ground floor of B, bridges are being constructed, and the elevators are almost ready for use. The C&D buildings, rooms and lounges, will have new carpet, furniture, and paint. Additionally, the Baobab lounge is sporting new carpet, lighting (goodbye 80s blue metal lights), and furniture.

As of this update, there will still be some projects in process when you return. An elevator is being constructed in D that will not be complete before move-in. In the plaza area, due to the continuing drought status, the lawn is forestalled until we get a healthy dose of precipitation. The plaza building has an estimated completion of mid-November with the new restaurant opening at the beginning of winter quarter. The Housing and Residential Life staff will also move to their new offices when the space is complete, but for now you can find them at The Hub between Crown and Merrill.

We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Alex Belisario
Merrill CAO