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Early Group Selection

Create Your Own Neighborhood

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Community Room Selection
Community Room Selection

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Overview of Housing Selection Process

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Waitlist Information

Waitlist Information

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

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Room and Apartment Selection

A point system is used to determine the order in which priority applicants (continuing students who apply for Fall 2014 university housing during the Priority Housing Application Period (April 14-21, 2014)) will be invited to select apartments/rooms. Points are awarded based on the year a student entered UCSC (with priority given to seniors, juniors, and then sophomores) and college affiliation.

Year of Entry* Priority Points     College Affiliation** Priority Points
2010 or 2011 4 Affiliate 4
2012 3 Non-Affiliate 1
2013 2    
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  • *Additional points will be assigned to transfer students to place them in their appropriate class level.
  • **College affiliation is applicable only for room selection at the 10 colleges. College affiliation points will not be awarded to those applying to The Village or the University Town Center, where students from all colleges are equally eligible. Priority at these communities is based solely on year of entry.
  • Student leaders will each be granted 1 extra priority point. Student leader positions are defined as:
    • College Orientation Leader
    • College Student Government Affiliate
    • College student employees whose employment requires them to work evenings/late nights at their college of residence
    • This does not apply to college student employees who live in one community but work in a different community
  • Cowell students will be given the same points as Stevenson affiliates when considered for placement in the Stevenson apartments

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Early Group Selection

Monday, May 19 at all housing communities

Early Group SelectionEligible students wanting to reserve a space early and bypass the online Room Selection process may choose to participate in one of the following Early Group Selection options at the community to which they applied (see Important Note). Students must submit a declaration form to their housing office by April 30, if they are interested in any of the following options. Your housing office will notify you by May 12 if your group is eligible to participate in the Early Group Selection process.

Apartment GroupsApartment Groups 
All colleges set aside some apartments exclusively for full apartment households. Apartment groups must be able to fill an entire apartment. Priority will be given based on the collective points of all household members.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The apartments at Cowell College and Porter College will not be available for students to live in during the 2014-15 academic year while maintenance and repair work is completed. Cowell and Porter students will be accommodated in other spaces at their college and in other housing areas across campus. read more

  • The apartments at Stevenson College will initially be dedicated exclusively to accommodate Stevenson and Cowell affiliates. Cowell students who complete the Fall 2014 Cowell Housing Application will be able to indicate their interest in the apartments at Stevenson College along with the residence hall room options available at Cowell College. Cowell students will be given the same points as Stevenson affiliates when considered for placement in the Stevenson apartments.
  • Stevenson College intends to fill their apartment complex during the Early Group Selection process. Selection of apartment spaces during this time is restricted to groups of Stevenson and/or Cowell affiliates who apply to live at either Stevenson College or Cowell College. In the unlikely event any Stevenson apartment spaces remain unassigned after the Early Group Selection process they will be made available during the Community Room Selection process for any Stevenson or Cowell applicant to select, regardless of college affiliation.
  • Redwood Grove will initially be dedicated exclusively to accommodate Porter students.

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Residence Hall GroupsResidence Hall Groups 
Select a block of residence hall rooms with a group of friends to create your own “neighborhood”. Your group must include a minimum of three applicants for two or more adjacent rooms and must be able to fill all available spaces in selected rooms. We’ve even had groups of up to 25 students able to select an entire floor! Priority will be given based on the collective points of all group members (averaged by total number of group members). (Bonus: Rate Saver—lock in the 2013-14 room and meal plan rate for 2014-15!)

Room Selection

The Room Selection process is held in two phases:Community Selection

Community Room Selection (May 20-21)
Eligible students are invited to select a space at their applied-for-community 
either individually or as part of a group.

All Campus Room SelectionAll Campus Supplemental Room Selection (May 22)

  • Students who were invited but did not select a space during the Community Room Selection process will be eligible to select from any remaining spaces at other communities.
  • Spaces will be limited to those not selected during Community Room Selection.
  • Eligible students may log in to Student Housing Online beginning at 7:00am (Pacific Time).

Community Staff Assign Wait List Students

WaitlistBeginning Friday, May 23 and continuing throughout the summer
While some students select their own housing, many others are assigned housing by their Housing Coordinator. Whether you were not invited to participate in room selection or you decided not to choose one of the spaces available, rest assured your application will remain active and you will be assigned housing as soon as a space matching your preference(s) becomes available. read more

Your active application represents your interest in being assigned housing and we are committed to providing a space to all interested students. A confirmation email will be sent to your UCSC email address when you have been assigned housing. Some things to keep in mind while you await an assignment:

  • Be patient and flexible as we continue through this portion of the housing assignment process.
  • We will work with you over the coming days, weeks, and months, if necessary, to find you an available space either at your applied-for-community or elsewhere on campus.
  • Contact your Housing Coordinator if you would like to update the room preferences listed in your housing application.
  • Keep your contact information (cell phone, permanent phone) up-to-date in the Student Portal. Also, be sure to check your UCSC email often as housing staff may need to contact you.

If at any time your plans change and you are no longer interested university housing it is your responsibility to immediately cancel your application (studenthousing.ucsc.edu). There is no fee for cancelling an application prior to a space being assigned; cancellation fees will apply in all cases of a student cancelling a confirmed housing space.

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