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Continuing Student Priority Housing Application Period

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Housing News > Housing News 2015 > Electrical Maintenance Scheduled

Electrical Maintenance Scheduled

Saturday, February 21st

Electrical power outage Electrical maintenance work will occur between the hours of 6:00am and 4:30pm on Saturday, February 21. Most areas of housing and some dining locations will be without power or will only have emergency power during the scheduled outage.

Specific information on how your residential community will be impacted will be sent to you from your college or residential community housing office. You may also contact your Housing Office with any questions.

Please be assured that basic food and safety services will still be available for students on campus during the scheduled power outage.

Dining Services: On Saturday, February 21st the Colleges Nine/Ten dining hall (open 10am - 11pm) and College Eight/Oakes dining hall (open 10am - 8pm) will be open their normal weekend hours; Cowell/Stevenson dining hall will be closed, and other campus cafes and restaurants are also expected to be closed. On Sunday, February 22nd normal dining hours of operation will resume.

Residential Services: Residential staff (RAs and CREs) will be available for you in your residential community. Please seek out these staff if you need assistance or have questions or other concerns.

Campus Safety: Campus emergency services will be available to assist you. 

Telephone and Network Connectivity: Designated land line phones in the hallways of residence halls and in other common areas of the residential communities will be operational during the outage. Cellular coverage, campus wireless networks (Cruznet, Eduroam, etc.), and most internet jacks are not expected to be operational.

To prepare for the scheduled outage, please take whatever precautions may be appropriate for you. This may include:
- Charge necessary electronics
- Unplug electronics during power outage
- Have a flashlight available (with extra batteries)
- Limit access to your refrigerator/freezer. Putting ice in your refrigerator prior to the outage can help keep food cool for longer, however, most refrigerated perishable items will need to be discarded. Find more info at: