Earn While You Learn, Thrive at UC Santa Cruz Dining


Working at UC Santa Cruz Dining provides students with real world job skills and life experience. You’ll make new friends, earn money, and have the safety and security of working next door to where you live!

Apply now to work in one of our dining halls, in our catering department, or at one of our retail locations.

  • Work-study and non work-study students are welcome to apply
  • Students are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, and a minimum of 9 hours per week
  • Hours are available in the early morning, afternoon, evening, late night, and weekends
  • Our starting pay is $10.00 an hour
  • We have an ongoing training program that provides opportunities to advance to Student Supervisor after 2 quarters of employment. This opportunity is available to students who demonstrate responsibility and leadership qualities and wish to earn a higher salary.

If you have the qualifications to become a Student Associate for UC Santa Cruz Dining and you are selected for hiring, a notification with complete instructions will be sent to you by August 19.

Timeline for pre-application and interview process:

  • By August 3: Fill out and submit the pre-application form
  • By August 5: Qualifying students will be contacted to schedule an interview (Video chat interview is required).
  • By August 8: Selected students will be notified of hire.

Please remember that part of being hired at this time is participating in the MANDATORY early move-in program, which includes orientation and training. If you have a conflict that prevents you from attending any of the early move-in events, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR HIRING.

If you are selected for hiring, you will move in early on Friday, September 9 and complete your payroll sign-up on this day or September 12.

On Monday, September 12, we have a kick-off dinner and orientation program scheduled for 2:00pm. For the rest of the week you will be training. As a Student Associate “in training” you will be able to beat the crowds with early move-in to the residence halls and FREE* room and board during this paid training period. If you are serious about working with the dining team, you will want to save these dates for move-in and training.

We are no longer accepting applications for the early arrival program. Students selected for hire will be notified by August 8.

If you were not selected for hiring and you're still interested in working with the UC Santa Cruz Dining team: once you settle into your new home at UCSC, please check back with us at the location you'd like to work to see if we are hiring...just ask for a manager.

*Early move-in fees are $294. If you work 11 weeks of fall quarter (including finals week), we’ll waive the fees.



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Dining student staff
Dining student staff
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