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Summer 2017 Dining
Summer Dining: Intersession and Beyond

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Faculty and Staff Summer Dining Discount
Faculty and Staff Summer Dining Discount!

Eat all you want for only $8
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Numi Organic Tea
Only the Best for Our Students—Organic Numi Tea

Why organic tea is the only tea option.
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Vegan mealHealthy Mondays, Beefless Thursdays, and Farm Fridays

Healthy Mondays Date  
Colleges Nine/Ten 9/23  
Porter/Kresge 9/30  
College Eight/Oakes 10/7  
Cowell/Stevenson 10/14  
Crown/Merrill 10/21  
Colleges Nine/Ten 10/28  
Porter/Kresge 11/4  
College Eight/Oakes 11/11  
Cowell/Stevenson 11/18  
Crown/Merrill 11/25  
Colleges Nine/Ten 12/2  
Porter/Kresge 12/18  
Beefless Thursdays
Colleges Nine/Ten TBD  
Porter/Kresge TBD  
College Eight/Oakes TBD  
Cowell/Stevenson TBD  
Crown/Merrill TBD  
Colleges Nine/Ten TBD  
Porter/Kresge TBD  
College Eight/Oakes TBD  
Cowell/Stevenson TBD  
Crown/Merrill TBD  
Colleges Nine/Ten TBD  


Farm Fridays
Crown/Merrill 9/27  
Colleges Nine/Ten 10/4  
Porter/Kresge 10/11  
College Eight/Oakes 10/18  
Cowell/Stevenson 10/25  
Crown/Merrill 11/1  
Colleges Nine/Ten 11/8  
Porter/Kresge 11/15  
College Eight/Oakes 11/22  
Crown/Merrill 12/6  

UC Santa Cruz has embraced the "Healthy Mondays" dining trend, which is sweeping through learning institutions from elementary to graduate schools.

In an effort to reduce our overall beef consumption by 10% and further reduce our carbon footprint, we are featuring "Beefless Thursdays" at one dining hall each week.

Each Friday a specific dining hall will feature "Farm Fridays" with a unique entree made entirely from local, organic farm ingredients.

As the interest in vegetarian and, more specifically, vegan dining options steadily increases, UC Santa Cruz Dining is proud to address that need. Students have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by going meatless, beefless, or farm-fresh one day a week.

Farm Fresh FridaysKnowing that some vegans enjoy meat analogs in their dining choices, we offer a variety of tofu, Seitan and tempeh dishes, and feature a locally made product called Mayzan which is a delicious soy-and-mushroom based protein. We also have fun with Eggplant "Meatballs", Vegan Taquitos, and stir-fries featuring Gardein and Mon Cuisine products.

Finally, we lean on our chefs to come up with fun specials like Vegan Mexican Tofu “Benedicts”, Vegan Pizzas (the Potato Rosemary is delicious), and specialty grain dishes.