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Alumni Weekend: Real Good Fish: Innovations in Sustainable Fisheries
Alumni Weekend! Real Good Fish: Innovations in Sustainable Fisheries

Join us on April 29th
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Possible Protest Activities Planned for May 1
Possible Protest Activities Planned for May 1

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Numi Organic Tea
Only the Best for Our Students—Organic Numi Tea

Why organic tea is the only tea option.
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Fish Sandwich
Everybody wants to know, "What's for Lunch?"

Check the menus...
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College Night Celebration

College Night Celebrations - a UCSC tradition!

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Filming at the Dining Halls

Student Filming Criteria at UC Santa Cruz Dining Facilities

It is the intent of UC Santa Cruz Dining to allow access to student groups and organizations “on occasion” to film and/or photograph within our dining halls and restaurants. We also recognize the need for our customers to have a place where they can gather in a private, relaxed atmosphere to eat their meals and share social space with friends.

We must respect the rights of our customers to not be filmed and/or photographed without their permission. Therefore, we limit these projects in our dining hall/restaurant space to academic student class projects ONLY.

Please schedule your filming event with the UCSC Dining Marketing Coordinator (use form provided here) no less than two weeks prior to your event. We will check the reservation schedule and notify you if there is available space. Once approved, you will be given a copy of the signed release form to take to the dining hall to display. Unit Managers will be notified that you have received permission for the specified date and time for the locations(s) you are requesting.

Please remember, neither you or other students who are allowed access for your project, are entitled to eat in the dining hall nor do they have access to beverages unless they are a UC Santa Cruz Dining meal plan holder or pay the cash price in advance to our cashier.

Any students who wish to film or photograph within a UC Santa Cruz Dining facility must meet the following criteria:

If you and/or crew are blocking the entrance/exit or customer service areas you will be asked to re-locate. Refusal to do this will result in termination of our release form. Refusal may result in removal from facility and/or judicial action.