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Triple Room Video Tour

Want to See My Triple Room?

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Charles and Adrienne Coleman

Bittersweet feelings...

Charles and Adrienne drop their son off for his freshman year at UC Santa Cruz
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Restorative Justice Program
Restorative Justice Program

Have you experienced harm or conflict? We’re here to help!
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UC Santa Cruz among greenest universities in Sierra Club ranking

UC Santa Cruz among greenest universities in Sierra Club ranking

UCSC is one of the 20 greenest colleges
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Founded 1967

A three-year renovation project for the Crown College residence halls to begin summer 2017 more»

Crown College

Science, Technology, and Society

Crown College’s theme, Science, Technology, and Society, explores the relationship of science and technology with the world around us, including both the positive and negative impacts of technology on our environment and social institutions.

Academic Requirements

Crown’s core course, Ethical Issues in Emerging Technologies, presents several rapidly growing technologies, shows where those technologies are taking us, and provides reasoning skills to help evaluate the consequences to individuals and societies. Students focus on developing strategies that can guide them in making public policy decisions and personal decisions concerning these technologies. The course typically includes units on ethical issues arising from biotechnology, information technology, and artificial intelligence.

Educational Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

Housing and Dining