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Restorative Justice Program
Restorative Justice Program

Have you experienced harm or conflict? We’re here to help!
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Community Rentals Office
Community Rentals Office

Your on-campus resource for off-campus rentals
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Safety begins in bed

Safety Begins in Bed

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UCSC students

The Benefits of Living in Campus Housing...

UCSC's 10 colleges differ in theme, environment, location, architecture, core course, and programs offered. However, all 10 colleges are dynamic, engaging learning communities that offer opportunities for students to help build and shape their experiences.

Campus housing offers great options and the ultimate in convenience to help you get the most out of your college experience. Whether in an apartment or a residence hall, living in campus housing is a smart choice and will allow you to enjoy the supportive environment that will help you succeed in your academic goals.


“Students who live on campus have a 10 to 15 percent better chance of doing well in college than students living off campus. On-campus students have better grades, take more units, and are more likely to persevere to achieve a university degree.” - American Council on Education

Theme housing developed based on student feedback is available. There are many exciting theme living/learning options available including the option for students to create their own “neighborhood” by selecting adjacent residence hall rooms or apartments. Read more about theme options.

Are you a prospective UCSC student or a new freshman?
There are many great reasons to choose to live on campus including:

Attractive housing options for continuing students
Campus living is even more attractive to our continuing students. We have dedicated areas at the colleges and other communities exclusively for seniors, juniors, and sophomores. These areas are in our most desirable buildings (some with great ocean views!) and offer our continuing students a more independent living community.

UCSC offers exciting housing options for transfer students
Incoming transfer students (regardless of college affiliation) are eligible to live at the Transfer Community or the University Town Center. Learn more.

University housing options: